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CAFAM Collaboration

The Craft and Folk Art Museum has always been one of our most successful retail collaborations. We have grown from a single product with them to them carrying most of our line, and jumping to their number two selling brand in the entire store within three months of being carried there.

The space is incredible, vaulted ceilings flooded with natural light and thoughtful curation with both attention to detail in placement and balance, as well as meticulous selection of vendors and pieces on display.

Calila has historically sold well at museum stores, but CAFAM has always gone the extra mile to support the growth of this company and is a huge reason we are here today, continuing to develop and create new products. We wanted to honor that partnership by collaborating on an exclusive line that featured completely one of a kind pieces, and it was no doubt that The Wanderer would be the design to do it.

Featuring the same fold flat travel dopp kit design that made The Wanderer our flagship product, the CAFAM Banner Wanderer uses recycled banner materials repurposed as exterior lining. Using the made in Los Angeles luxury G2 zippers gave each piece the clean flair it deserved to pay homage to the exhibits featured.

From the Focus Iran 2 Exhibit, to the Spring and Winter Marketplaces, the CAFAM Banner line of Wanderers reflects what makes the museum special: a firm root in the artist community of Los Angeles.

Now museum patrons can take home a piece of their favorite events and exhibits, all while knowing that half of the proceeds of each sale go to support the Craft and Folk Art Museum. We hope that this collaboration can also be a jumping off point for future partnerships with retailers and museum stores looking to create one of a kind pieces for their clientele.

The CAFAM Banner Wanderers can be found here

CAFAM Craft and Folk Art Museum Calila Collaboration


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