Calila Now Featured Among Other Prominent Designers at the MOCA Store

MOCA Store now featuring Calila

I've personally been a member of the Museum of Contemporary Art for about a year now. I have always appreciated the museum's willingness to push the envelope in terms of design, layout, and curation across many different mediums. At their core, I think think the heart of MOCA beats with design, seen in how conscious they are of helping define the word "contemporary" itself.


The Store at MOCA is no exception. Hosting hundreds of books alongside home goods, accessories, apparel, and even an entire sectional popup with the prominent design brand Poketo, merchandizer Andrea Urban is extremely selective with how she defines contemporary and the impact of her store as a compliment to the importance of the MOCA museum arm.

MOCA Store features Calila


"To be able to stand next to brands that I look up to, to have shoppers touch our designs adjacent to theirs, is an honor in itself. And for that place to be MOCA, arguably one of the most prominent museum stores in all of Los Angeles is a huge deal for our company."

- Lindsey Vaniman, Co-Founder and Lead Designer


I personally couldn't agree more. It is always exciting to enter a new retail location; you get access to customers you wouldn't normally who get to discover your brand. MOCA, however, has the aura of elevated design, and thus, to be associated with them really confirms what we've been pursuing this whole time: smart design.


Calila at MOCA store in Downtown Los Angeles


"Being at MOCA is a test for our company. Can we stand up to the best designers throughout Los Angeles? I think we absolutely can. But it is certainly a high bar."

- Cameron Stephens, Co-Founder and Designer


MOCA is certainly ambitious with their art, pushing boundaries and definition, accepting criticism as a badge of honor for being relevant and forward-thinking. Their recent exhibition on Brazilian artist Anna Maria Maiolino shows an understanding of breadth of work and diversity across mediums and cultures. I went myself, it was extremely thought provoking.

Calila at MOCA downtown Los Angeles

We are looking forward to a wonderful relationship with MOCA and their store and are excited to merge our loyal customers with theirs.

Shop contemporary art books, apparel, prints and gifts at the MOCA Store located at:

250 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012


Calila at the MOCA store in downtown Los Angeles

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