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The Perfect Tote Bag for School or Work


Already people are starting to comment on our new collaboration with Sheila Joy from the blog In Search of Sheila.

We recognized her immediately for her simple style: clean cut, effortless, but with pieces that popped. We loved her philosophy of "searching", which as customers we always do. We want to do our research and dive into the story behind every new creative thing that people are doing.

We knew that Sheila was working towards an all encompassing lifestyle blog, and we thought the collaboration with her would work perfectly. We knew she would enjoy The Commuter, but even we didn't realize just how much!

From the article:

"Calila Commuter Tote that is perfect for work, school, traveling, running errands, and life in general!"

"It's awesome that companies such as Calila exist to promote both a minimalist design and lifestyle, which is a component of my message here at In Search of Sheila."

"I've been loving this bag for work or when I go to a coffee shop to work on my blog. Its high quality craftsmanship will last me a lifetime." 

She's taken many wonderful photos with The Commuter, so check them out HERE:

And take a moment to browse some of the other collaborations she's done. Her inquisitive style means that her reviews are in depth and meaningful, she really does only review what she believes to be of the highest quality for her life:

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