The Visionaire - Product Story

We had three key pieces of criteria for designing a glasses case:

1. It should be as protective as possible without being a bulky hard case
2. It should have a built in cleaning cloth so you cannot forget it
3. It should have the clean geometric silhouette that CALILA is known for

Side Note: I'll be honest, number two was my idea. I always have dirty glasses because I always forget my cleaning cloth. Lindsey is just fine about taking her cleaning cloth with her, she'll have you know. Luckily, there are many customers like me who appreciate the functionality.

Josh Han at The Platform Culver City for CALILA the Visionaire Glasses Case

When you buy glasses, you almost always receive a hard case. They look pretty at first, but they always fall apart. Mine sure did, and it immediately made it unusable. So we bumped up a glasses case on our design list and immediately started with early prototypes.

A few days later, I expressed frustration to Lindsey over dinner that my glasses were always dirty.

"Well, where is your cleaning cloth?"

"I don't know, probably at home."

"Well that's your problem, you're always forgetting it."

"I wish it was just built in, that way I could never lose it."

"That's ridiculous."

"Is it?"

Luckily, it didn't turn out to be that ridiculous, and with some design tweaks, we were able to integrate it into the second version of what would become the Visionaire. 

Lindsey was really big on having a second size to acommodate her larger sunglasses, and was very focused on shock protection.

"The thing I don't like about soft glasses cases is they're so flimsy and I feel like they won't protect the thing I use every day."

"What if we could make a soft case with the protection of a hard case?"

"Now THAT is something I'd be interested in."

Have we done it? Nope. Nothing will be as protective as an artificial hardened material.

However, we have built in a substantial layer of padding that gets very close in terms of protection. And it turned out significantly more durable than our previous soft glasses cases.

Trevor Dow with The Visionaire for CALILA glasses case at Hauser Wirth Arts District Los Angeles

We took construction down to the basics and used an innovative folding to keep the outside leather piece a single clean cut. We lined the interior with foam for additional impact protection, then again in water resistant tight weave canvas for cleaning ease. We sourced high quality micro suede for our custom cleaning cloths. We used specific zipper placement to ensure the most security while still being easy to use.

After a successful launch during the winter markets of 2017, the Visionaire line is now the next product to in our Spring 2018 catalogue and is currently carried at many of the stores that carry our other products. 

Your glasses case, clean and protected.

Here's to cleaner glasses and a better case!

- Cameron & Lindsey

Calila Glasses Cases Visionaire

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