The Wanderer Makeup Bag Review with Emily The Glamourian

When I sat down to lunch with Emily, I immediately knew that she was someone who would be both honest and appreciative of our designs and philosophies. I knew she was a fantastic photographer from the work she's done on social media and her blog, but she went above and beyond for us with her latest review of the white/rose Wanderer Makeup Bag.


The Wanderer Makeup Bag, Makeup Kit, Travel Kit, Dopp Kit


Loving San Francisco, the architecture, the lifestyle, the airy nature, we were so happy she chose to take our Wanderer kit with her on her travels. 


San Francisco Houses Makeup Bag Travel Kit


From the article:

"The Wanderer is perfect as a traveling kit for both men and women."


"The quality of the natural grain leather is amazingly (buttery!) soft. And wow… the quality of the zippers. I had instant gratification as I unzipped the kit because I have never felt a zipper this smooth before."


"Functionality-wise, the Wanderer beats any makeup bag I ever had and used. I don’t think I will go back to my old ways since I have the Wanderer now. It puts their competitors to shame with its functional design."


"I adored the Wanderer so much that I can’t stop raving about it. Really, this bag is worth the investment."


She's taken many wonderful photos with The Wanderer, so check them out HERE:


While you're there, browse some of the other collaborations and articles she's written on outfits, fashion, beauty, travel, and even some food! 


The Glamourian by Emily

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