Calila is our journey in minimalist design.

When we set out to make major changes in our lifestyle, we were searching for a very delicate balance. We simultaneously wanted to be able to pursue our hobbies and indulge in activities we love while also clearing out the clutter, de-stressing, and making our lives streamlined so we had time to enjoy the things that mattered the most.

Calila was born out of the principles and philosophies we found in minimalism that changed our lives. We pledged to surround ourselves with only the things that brought us joy, beautiful things that served function and purpose.


At Calila we design products based on the single principle:

Simple + Functional = Beautiful


We all want to live beautiful lives; lives full of purpose and growth. Each piece at Calila is designed for a specific purpose, which you'll find in each description. It has been rigorously tested to ensure it helps us fulfill a specific lifestyle need.


We hope that on your journey, you can use these designs to organize and simplify your life as well. 

Thank you for supporting Calila!

Cameron & Lindsey