"From conception to completion." 

Calila has a love affair with downtown Los Angeles. Cameron and Lindsey both live and work on our passion in the Historic Core, home to many of the buildings pioneered in the late 1890s all the way into the 1930s. The city of Los Angeles has been deeply supportive of the rich history of the city, the immigrants and artists who built the city's heart from the ground up, so it is only natural that we would respect that tradition as well.


Why go overseas when you have the largest hub of the fashion industry on the West Coast?

It's the same place that hosts events such as Unique L.A. and Los Angeles Fashion Week. It's the same streets Lindsey, our Creative Designer, has fond memories of sourcing fabric and materials for her projects at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, only blocks away. It breathes in excitement and exhales opportunity day in and day out, and Calila is honored to be be accepted into this thriving community.


Made in Los Angeles


What does that mean for our customers?


It means you're getting all U.S. sourced materials being hand made in Downtown Los Angeles. It means not just quality but craftsmanship: details that meet the highest standard. It means reducing your carbon footprint by eliminating excess shipping costs. It means minimalist design tested specifically for a lifestyle in the bustling city.


It means knowing exactly who made your item, and why it matters.

Calila is minimalism in Downtown Los Angeles.


Minimalist design Downtown Los Angeles


Find us Downtown!